What the Forbes' 30 under 30 list means for the future of finance

about 2 years ago by Jessica Brown

What the Forbes' 30 under 30 list means for the future of finance


Apart from making us feel old and irrelevant, the Forbes 30 under 30 list shines an important light on the future of our industries. Hinting at new technologies and movements, alumni of the list have acted as predictors of industry change, like Vitalik Buterin, Founder of Ethereum, whose position on the list foreshadowed the incredible role crypto assets played upon our economy, in the last few months.

This year, tech-savvy financiers have taken an even more prominent seat at the table, not a surprising advancement but one that is telling of the future. With applications gradually becoming the most popular way of banking, innovators like Hassam El-Sheikh and Steven Hunter are well and truly earning their place on the list, with AI powered financial data platform, 9fin.

They join the ranks of Laurynas Jokubaites and Justas Pikelis, whose ICO, Monetha, raised $37million in just 18 minutes and has put them in good stead to become the darlings of the finance world.

Recognising the lack of trust within the finance sector over recent years, these 30 under 30 pioneers stress the importance of transparency, with 27 year old Reto Trinkler, claiming it to be one of the most important aspects of Melonport AG, the company he cofounded and which is built on the Ethereum platform, allowing Buterin to pass the torch to Trinkler.

Just as some of the biggest tech companies are coming under fire for being out of touch with 'less-privileged lives', within this younger generation of innovators and influencers, we're seeing an attempt to help their peers, through easier investments and a drastic move away from the selfishness seen in payday loan companies. In fact one of the most significant entrants on the list is Victoria Van Lennep and Martin Kissinger, whose company Lendable is not only one of the most recognizable names on the list but also hopes to slice the usual APR representative for short term loans.

Morten Bruun, who appears on the list this year at only 26, has a clear interest in altruism, with the website for Penstable, the company he cofounded, immediately declaring that you can invest your pension in clean water, gender equality and human rights. Offering a 'better world, good return and clear impact', Bruun has recognized the increased interest in global impact, and united that with a desperate need for understandable pension options.

The list, which as a whole features 'Stranger Things' Millie Bobby Brown as the youngest honoree, is full of inspiration, no matter how old you are. Like Sia Houchangnia, a 29 year old, who began his career at Seedcamp as an intern and worked his way up to partner in less than four years, or Angelica Anton, the founder of Silk Ventures, who already oversees a $500 million fund, at just 27. Almost hitting 5,000, these new recruits to the list will be joining an alumni that includes Mark Zuckerberg and Evan Spiegel.

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