'Rise and shine'; The best ways to start your day

over 1 year ago by Jessica Brown

'Rise and shine'; The best ways to start your day


Whether you waste the morning snoozing or waste it checking up on Facebook, in a world where we spend the majority of our days at work, only to drop onto the sofa at home time, should we be getting more out of our early hours?

These London activities ensure you'll be awake and rearing to go, before the birds have even woken up.

Morning Gloryville

Whilst seasoned ravers are probably more accustomed to leaving the party in the early hours, at Morning Gloryville, you arrive in the wee hours, for a 'fun-filled fiesta that includes superfood smoothies instead of G&T's'. With past attendees including Fat Boy Slim and Basement Jaxx, why wait until the weekend to party, when you can cram in yoga, dance and a wakeup massage, all before breakfast.


Running classes from 6:30am, everyone has time for a workout at Frame, whether that's a 30 minute cardio blast or a gentler wakeup call with Vinyasa Flow Yoga. Youíll be rewarded for your early alarm time, with their early bird deal, giving you 4 pre-9am classes for just £35.


Following a similar path as Morning Gloryville, Daybreakers premise lies in the morning rave. However whilst Morning Gloryville embrace natural light for a hippie vibe, Daybreakers stay loyal to the dark club scene, shaking up each event with a theme. Having previously held dance parties at The Whitehouse and on a boat, this month you'll see clowns, trapeze artists and a shed load of ethical glitter, within the circus themed party, where you can dance, do yoga and set intentions for your day. As Lana Baumgartner told 'The New York Times,' "[we'd] much rather be dancing with all these people than at a gym"

Write and Shine

Want to work your mind, not just your body? At Write and Shine, with past themes being old maps, photographs, and even lego figures, you'll pull inspiration from the 'stuff of life' to write for 90 minutes before work. Even providing breakfast, you can get your mind up and running for the day ahead.

Primrose Hill

Open from 5am all year round, you can take in the sunrise, a run, or even just lay in the grass at Primrose Hill. Although they do suggest you download 'Headspace', who partnered with Royal Parks in 2012, and who boast a 'For Work' section, meaning you can meditate your way to a good work week, all while enjoying the lovely London views.