Making the most out of your commute

about 1 year ago by Jessica Brown

Making the most out of your commute


Studies have shown that we're the most productive for 2 hours after we wake up, however for most of us, especially those based in London, a good chunk of that time is spent commuting. Something which is seriously getting us down, and bizarrely might be affecting our personal relationships, with Umea University finding that marriages where one person has to commute for 45 minutes or longer are a whopping 40% more likely to end in divorce.

We've been working out how to flip that and how to turn the commute into a positive, rather than a negative, giving us time to focus on ourselves after all like Tim Ferriss says "if you win the morning, you win the day."


Keep calm for whatever the workday throws at you, with meditation apps like Headspace or Calm. Best for when you're sat down on the overground not stuffed in on the circle line, these apps can offer some much-needed downtime, when your day is full of meetings and deadlines.

Get in some conversation topics

Listen to a Podcast to give you something to talk about around the watercooler. Check out our top picks that will teach you everything from why teenagers are the way they are, to what stock might give your bank balance a boost.

Conquer your inbox

Ensure you don't waste the first 15 minutes at your desk scrolling through spam and news stories, by organizing your messages into folders. Utilise the tags option in Outlook to prioritise your day and get a kickstart on work.

Be Kind

Acts of kindness, like holding the door open or smiling at a stranger give you a 'helpers high', so imagine how good you'll feel if you give that exhausted-looking fellow commuter your seat.


Wellbeing experts suggest we start the day by writing out what we're grateful for and what we're looking forward to throughout the week. However, if you feel less than creative, when you're tired and bleary-eyed, Keri Smith's journals provide you with small activities to complete.

The commute has been ranked our most hated daily activity, even above household chores, however it doesn't have to be. Whilst these are our favourite picks, it's important to do what's right for you when it comes to travelling. Studies have shown that spending too much time on our mobiles can cause some of us anxiety. If that's the case for you, swap out Facebook scrolling for a good book, or put on some party anthems to get you in the mood for a great day at work.