The charities gamifying giving

about 1 year ago by Jessica Brown

The charities gamifying giving


The number of non-profits has risen over the years, meaning the difficulty of raising funds has as well. With more competition and rising costs from overheads, charities are having to do more to stand out from the crowd.

When it comes to competition, the battle to see who can raise the most doesn't just stop at Brownies and Cubs cookie sales, with adults just as eager to beat their friends. Some charities are embracing this and have gamified their giving strategies. Take a look at the non-profits putting the fun into fundraising.

Extra Life

A 24hr fundraising and gaming marathon, players pick a Children's Miracle Network Hospital to compete for, in games that range from PS4 to Poker. Since its inception Extra Life has raised more than $40million and boasts over 100,000 heroes. Like all good games the most active members can unlock achievement badges, for milestones like raising $100 or recruiting other members.


Only launched late last year, Beam has already helped 24 members into training and work. Described as "crowd-funded employment training for homeless people, helping them to progress towards stable paid work", the charity recently released a 'Personal Impact Page' for their supporters. A shareable page, users can track their donations and how each member is getting on. Whilst it's not explicitly stated by the charity, you could compete with friends to see how many people you can get into work.

Free Rice

An online quiz that donates 10 grains of rice for every question you get correct, you can view your donated meal filling up a virtual bowl. Ads on the correct answers pages pay for the rice and whilst you're fighting world hunger with your brain, you can also compete with other users, on a leaderboard that tracks your record.

Charity Miles

Allowing you to earn money for your chosen charity every time you exercise, Charity Miles is as good for you as it is for the planet. The money per mile comes from corporate sponsors who are "repurposing their advertising budgets for good" and you can choose from charities like Stand Up For Cancer and the WWF to receive your donation. Join a team to see how you rank on the leaderboard, build up your groups total miles and share your achievements. So far over $2.5million has been raised.