Better than Tinder: Matchmaking apps for your life

12 months ago by Sophie Stones

Better than Tinder: Matchmaking apps for your life


It’s been 6 years now, since Tinder revolutionized the way we date. Perfect for a generation who’s never known a life without the internet, Tinder took away reams of text for immediate matches. Once the lone competitor in their market, app developers have taken Tinder’s concept and applied it to applications we can all use, even if happily coupled up.

For relationships that last longer than just a swipe to the right, these apps are attempting to pioneer the way. From a new housemate to a whole new career, matching with your next big move just got technical.


Targeting the youth unemployment crisis, Jobsnap “build a bridge between the 3.5 million jobs available and the 5 million young adults looking for work.” Their unique formula, pairing job applicants with clients through 30 second video pitches, plays on the appeal of applications such as snapchat, as well as recognizing the younger generations love of the immediate. The application negates the use of CV’s, which for many young people just leaving education are both outdated and unnecessary.


Giving you the option to sign up with LinkedIn, Blonk plays into the hands of those candidates who are fed up with filling out endless applications. Despite their caption claiming you can “find your dream job in seconds” however, when you finally get the app to stop glitching, applicants will have to lower their expectations as the jobs available are often low-skilled and low-paid. On our list, Blonk was the biggest disappointment, pairing a familiar design with a simple concept, Blonk should be a roaring success. The reality however is far from it.


Offering you a chance to match with potential housemates based on your profile and interests, Badi’s clean and simple design recognizes that the housing market can sometimes feel overwhelming and was the most visually appealing application. Search via their map, by price or personality, Badi’s only flaw is that its popularity has spread to letting agencies, meaning the person you match with might not necessarily be your new roomie.


Like Blonk, Shapr gives you the option to transfer your LinkedIn information over to their application, however unlike Blonk, they do it successfully. Truly in a Tinder style, Shapr is built for networking, for finding your dream mentor and connecting with recruiters. Choose from current goals, to match with users with similar needs, however you’ll only be given a daily batch of potential matches, unless you want to pay the premium fee.