How to deal with a bad boss

11 months ago by Sophie Stones

How to deal with a bad boss


When we spend so much time at work, dealing with a bad boss everyday can become less of a fairy-tale and more like a bad dream. Whether your boss is dopey, sleepy or bashful, singing your way to work can become a distant memory if you feel they aren’t doing their job properly. Instead of going to the extremes that the characters do in Horrible Bosses, why not be the hero in this story and solve this quest with brains not brawn. 

The Prince

Oblivious to all the hard work you do, to this boss you are just a number on a time sheet. Needing your lost shoe to pick you out of a line-up isn’t their only sin. In fact, you’re not even sure they know how the company works, since they barely leave their ivory tower. Don’t hide in the background unless you want to stay a servant girl forever. Schedule a face to face meeting or respond to their email requests personally. Chances are they’re working so hard battling their own dragons that they aren’t aware you’re weaving gold in the corner. 

Sleeping Beauty

Whilst this boss might not literally be taking a snooze on their desk, their delegation has gotten so out of control that they are sat twiddling their thumbs whilst you fight through the forest that is your desk. Try to see this as an opportunity; you’re gaining valuable experience whilst they take a break and it’s you that will be able to create a novella out of the skills section on your CV. 

The King of the Castle

Has your boss got an ego so big that you fear pointing out their mistakes, in case they throw you in the stocks? Has pointing out a spelling mistake in the past caused you to be royally shunned? Try talking to them away from the rest of your team as they may feel like you are purposefully trying to undermine their authority and embarrass them. If this doesn’t work, try being a little pickier with the things you bring to them and just correct the little blemishes on their crown, without announcing it to the court. 

The Wicked Witch

Having a boss who’s anger regularly spirals out of control can really make you feel like there’s no place like home, when the work week comes storming in. Nobody should have to deal with screaming and shouting on a regular basis, so try tackling the issue head on. Say “I’ve been feeling that there’s been some negative feedback from you about my work recently and I wanted to have a discussion about how to change this” As although it could be tempting to leave a poison apple on their desk, taking the high road will get you further on your way to Oz. 

The Stepmother 

Desperate to look good to outsiders, the stepmother is so obsessed with your work that her hovering has begun to feel like a curse. Every little detail of your work is under scrutiny and unlike Cinderella there are no mice to help you with your chores. Scheduling a meeting at the beginning of the week and explaining your plans for each day will help put their worries to rest and show that you have everything under control. 

Captain Hook

Usually an interim manager, this pirate of a boss will steal credit for your bounty. The carefully thought out ideas you’d presented to them will suddenly become theirs when any senior staff are present. Conquer this by sailing alone. Got a great new idea for drawing clients in? Don’t just jot it down, create a comprehensive plan for how to achieve your idea and you’ll leave your boss dead in the water.