Why temporary work might be the best thing for your career

about 1 year ago by Jessica Brown

Why temporary work might be the best thing for your career


Research commissioned by deodorant brand Sure, tells us that for both men and women, being financially secure is at the top of our goals list. Whilst there’s no comment on where “smelling nice” comes on the list (so you might have to hold your nose whilst counting your wads of money), financial security comes in quite significantly above getting married and ‘doing something selfless’, confirming the idea that money really does make the world go round. 

What the research doesn’t do is tell us how we hope to achieve this. Having a great career, in which we climb the ranks, from assistant to director, is a tried and tested way, but in this ever-changing work-climate, is it time we looked at other ways of making our fortune? Sticking to the same company might not be your only option. We’re taking a look at temp work and how it might be the key to your happiness. 

Temping has had a bad rap in the past, with the fear that you’ll be seen as less important than the permanent workers you’re spending the day to day with. However for most firms this couldn’t be further from the truth, you’re there to fill a gap that is badly needed. You’ll be hired for a specific task, one that you are clearly qualified for and which you will be able to complete without the worry of a constantly changing job role. What’s more, if it’s not a good fit, most temp jobs have a notice period of just one week, so you can test-drive a position without worrying that you’ll be stuck there once the oil starts leaking and the wheels fall off. 

Another worry could be that without the benefits afforded to perms, your wallet might start to feel a little light. However employers are actually willing to pay more than the standard wage, if you’re available for work immediately. There’s no long-term implications for the tax man and for businesses, research shows that temporary workers, who are motivated by a renewal of contract, repeatedly perform better, despite perm workers having the motivation of bonuses. It’s seen as win-win. 

Having the flexibility to work as and when you are available, also means that you are in control. You can take that long holiday in between jobs without ever having to negotiate annual leave times. And if you do decide that a permanent position would suit your life more, you’ll be able to apply for a whole variety of positions with your super varied CV. You’ll also have picked up contacts along the way that will be able to help you find that perfect ‘settling down’ position. We might seem a little biased, but with temp work, it’s going to be much harder to keep on top of your job search alone. The quick turnover would mean you’d have to spend all your spare time job hunting, when you could be sunning yourself or playing mini golf with the kids.