Taking a team trip away

9 months ago by Sophie Stones

Taking a team trip away


This month, Oxford-based PR agency, Bottle, took their entire workforce on an all-expenses paid trip to Wilderness Festival. Causing a stir in the job market, their excursion included competing in various challenges, a fancy-dress night, and a swimming gala, all in all costing approximately £7,500. So why did the PR agency encourage their employees to splash about, whilst they splashed out?

Team holidays have become the latest employee benefit to take the workplace by (tropical) storm, setting employers apart from the competition, those who have implemented them tend to repeat the process year after year. Natasha Hill, Managing Director at Bottle, says the benefits are numerous. Claiming that the new environment caused them to come up with some “exciting campaign ideas, which we wouldn’t have done staying in the office”, she also suggests that the positive results didn’t remain in a muddy field. “What we can see already is a renewed sense of team, a shared bank of memories to laugh about and a really high morale in the office.”

The high morale, Hill references is often used as reasoning for employee trips but it’s not the only benefit of catching rays with our coworkers.

Some use holidays as an incentive, MVF Digital Marketing Agency fly employees to Ibiza for meeting their targets, with Lexie Newnham, Talent Acquisition Partner, saying of the scheme, “we wanted to find a fun way to get everyone motivated behind the same target … it’s a perk but one that everyone worked for.” Using their holiday as a carrot means that the entire team works hard so that they can all then play later on.

For others, it’s simply a way of saying thank you. Chatri Sityodtong, Founder and Chairman of MMA company, Evolve, called taking 100 employees on an all-expenses paid trip to a 5-star Maldives resort, a “small token of thanks” for the firms 30% year-on-year growth.

“The best deserve the best. It is only fair. We do our best to hire the best people in the world, giving out only one job offer for every 200 applicants. So they should be compensated as such. We work hard, and we play hard.” – Chatri Sityodtong

The key with all of these trips is that rather than simply offering more holiday days or a small holiday bonus, these companies are using holidays as a way to bond with their teams. At Goodman Masson, our annual ski trip to Val d’Isere, golf trip to Marbella or even trips closer to home, mean that our employees are more than just colleagues, they’re friends… and research shows those of us who have friendships in the workplace are more likely to succeed.