So you didn't get your dream job? What now?

over 1 year ago by Sophie Stones

So you didn't get your dream job? What now?


Like romantic heartbreak, losing out on your dream job can thrust you into the stages of grief, however unfortunately, job-seeking isn’t the same as dating, and hiding under the covers with Ben & Jerry’s and Netflix for weeks on end could be wasting precious time.

Whilst most candidates will be tempted to dwell on the ‘could have dones’ and the ‘why did I say that’s’, focusing on the negatives never helped anybody. So whilst it may be tricky at first, making a list of the things that got you to interview in the first place can not only boost your morale but also ensure you do those things again in the future. Did you rock your covering letter? Was your phone call banter on point? Chances are you did more things right than wrong, and when it comes to those, it’s simple; just ask.

We live in a world of ratings, feedback is given freely on anything from our transport to our takeaways, so why shouldn’t the job search be the same? Trying to work out what you did wrong on your own is not only pointless but could actually mean you’re missing out on future opportunities. You should view each interview as not only a chance to learn, but also a networking opportunity. Dropping a message to say thank you for the opportunity will cement that relationship and whilst you may not have been right for their team, they might just know the perfect fit. Don’t burn your only bridge to the greener side.

When it comes to motivational stories of those who’ve overcome rejection, there’s always one thing in common; they never gave up. JK Rowling was rejected multiple times before Harry Potter was published and within a short time topped the bestselling books of all-time list.

“I pinned my first rejection letter to my kitchen wall because it gave me something in common with my favourite writers.”

Whilst your skills might lie more in mathematics than in magic, channeling that optimism won’t only make things a lot easier in the meantime, but also might swing things in your favour when the next opportunity comes knocking. So ditch the chocolate chip cookie dough, switch off the rom com, grab your tie and get back in the game. Just give us a call.