Your Weekend, Charis' Got It Planned

12 months ago by Charis Edwards

Your Weekend, Charis' Got It Planned


Here at Goodman Masson, we know just how hard you work! So we wanted to share with you some great events that are happening in London this weekend. Check out Receptionist, Charis Edwards' top picks for this week...​

Untold Stories

Pleasance Theatre presents a festival of new writing, showing sets of plays by up and coming creatives around the world, including the best of Edinburgh Fringe. If you're a fan of the performing arts, this is a must see!

Hip Hop Karaoke

Head to the Tate Modern Terrace Bar for a street singalong to remember. Get some dutch courage from pale ale brewers Fourpure, then head to the mic for some old school classics. 

Eighties Night

If you miss the days of big shoulders, big hair and big tunes head over to Drink Shop & Do to revisit the decade that gave us Madonna, Bon Jovi and the Cure. Hammer pants optional. 

Remembrance Trail

Be moved this Sunday with 11 artworks based on the theme of remembrance dotted around Canary Wharf. 

The Copycat

True crime-inspired The Copycat combines murder mystery, immersive theatre and escape rooms for a nerve-jangling opportunity to play detective and help protagonist Anthony Larson settle a score. For any lover of true crime, I would definitely recommend.