Hiding Your Job Hunt From Your Boss

over 1 year ago by Sophie Stones

Hiding Your Job Hunt From Your Boss


Like buses, job offers tend to come all at once, with the consensus being that it’s easier to find a job once you’re already in one. However whilst employment might give you an edge in the job market, already demonstrating your employability, it does make navigating the job market a little trickier. In fact President of Humor at Work, Michael Kerr, says it might even be a legal issue;

“If the new job you are seeking is with a major competitor, then certainly ethical issues will arise and even legal issues around conflict of interests. Depending on the job and environment, you may even be perceived as a security threat.”

To help you avoid getting into hot water, we’re here to provide you with the secret map to your new role, so your current boss will be none the wiser. 

In recent years jobsites have recognised this worry amongst their users, implementing tactics to help hide CV’s and updated profiles from linked employers. Guardian jobs allows job seekers to block specific employers, from their own to those they know their boss lunches with. In 2016, LinkedIn created a similar platform, in the Open Candidates function. Found in the Jobs Home Page, it allows employees to privately signal to recruiters that they’re looking for a new role, without alerting their colleagues.

Using LinkedIn can be a great way to passively job search, however when updating your profile for your job hunt, ensure you unclick the ‘notify your network’ button, so your employer doesn’t get a nasty surprise in their updates.

Whilst using these social media sites to job hunt, ensure you’re only using your home computer and personal phone. Similarly, never use the work printer to make copies of your CV. 10% of job seekers get caught this way and it could easily be avoided.

Whilst job seekers often feel they can hide their job search simply by keeping silent, the way we act has been found to be the biggest giveaway. A recent study conducted by the Harvard Business Review found the biggest red flags to be employees acting less like a team player, decreasing their productivity and showing an unwillingness to commit to long-term projects. Meaning that regardless of whether you change out of your interview clothes before work, you still might not be keeping up appearances.

Ensuring you maintain a good work ethic will ensure that you don’t give the game away, whilst safeguarding any bridges you might otherwise have burnt.

We might be biased, however employing a recruiter to handle the job search for you, is the easiest way in which you can avoid detection. Ensuring they’re aware you want to keep your hunt secret, they will be able to send out your CV without your key contact details and allow you to avoid using job boards, which employers regularly check.

If you’ve decided this is the best course of action for your job search, give us a ring and we’ll put you in touch with the people who can make sure your job search is shrouded in an invisibility cloak.