How to Have it All

4 months ago by Sophie Stones

How to Have it All


The ‘forward slash job’, a career which encompasses more than the traditional boundaries it once held, has become ever more popular this century. With celebrities jumping from model to actress to novelist in one swift move, it’s no surprise for those of us who are presented constantly with their ever-changing ambitions that our own ideas of a successful career have shifted.

For some of us the desire to be a fireman, business owner and singer all at once, dies out shortly after we stop believing in Santa Claus, however studies show that number is declining rapidly. In fact estimates for the percentage of the population working more than one job in the next ten years, don’t go any lower than half of us.

With female millennials taking the lead in having it all, concurrent jobs range from everything to having an Etsy store to running a tech company, perks for pursuing a portfolio career rather than treading the well-beaten track can range from great travel opportunities to better networking prospects. Furthermore, putting time into something you believe in has the ability to raise your spirits, when the office begins to feel a little stifled. Juggling a career isn’t for everyone however, and for those of us out there who are determined to get the most out of life, it’s important to get things in order before we throw ourselves into murky, albeit glittery waters.

Plan out your week

To avoid getting burnt out, try and keep the hours you work to a reasonable schedule. It’s no good staying up all weekend, filling orders for your side-line, if you have to take a day off from your other role to catch up on sleep.

Merge the two interests

Merging your two roles, is the best way to make sure you keep on track with both positions. If your passion is photography but your pay check comes from accounts, why not start photographing corporate events, giving you a great opportunity to develop your skills and offering you a chance to network with potential clients.

Prioritise and learn to say no

Work out what your priorities are before you start adding to your workload. If you have a family to support, it’s probably best that you don’t put your breadwinner status at stake by booking day after day off to pursue a role that is not making you very much money.

Make sure your boss is happy

Checking with your current boss is a necessity. It might be in your contract that a second job is not only frowned upon but not allowed. You also need to be sure that you’re not violating any intellectual property rules, which might be the case if you’re using skills they’ve given you, to earn a profit on your own.

Read and Research

There are many books out there that cover more than we can in a short article. Try reading ‘One Person/Multiple Careers: A New Model for Work/Life Success’ by Marci Alboher, for profiles of other entrepreneurs and tips on how to be successful.