Your Weekend, Ben's Got It Planned

8 months ago by Ben Stark

Your Weekend, Ben's Got It Planned


Bongo's Bingo

Friday get your dabbers at the ready as Bongo’s Bingo is heading to Steel Yard! If you don’t know what Bongo’s Bingo is this is your chance to enjoy the experience in person. Imagine an intense game of bingo with the atmosphere of a nightclub, fun right?

Dog Week at M

Who doesn’t love dogs? Its London Dog Week, so get yourself down to M Restaurant Victoria for a delicious two course lunch for you and your pup.

RA Yoga

Some of our bodies are feeling the strain on life at the moment, so if you fancy a spiritual end to your week, the Picture House in Brixton is hosting RA Yoga in its upstairs space. RA Yoga is every Sunday 10:30am-11:30am and only £8.

Mother's Day City Garden Tour

Since its Mother’s day, why not join the Mother’s Day City Garden Tour? Embark from Barbican station on an adventure around some of the City’s hidden green spaces. Learn about how they came about and failing that veer off to a nearby pub. 

Premier League

I mean what’s a weekend without some Premier League action! Get to your nearest boozer and watch Liverpool pump Spurs on Sunday afternoon.