Millies Work Experience

4 months ago by Millie Scanlan

Millies Work Experience


In this article Millie talks about what it's like to be a student on work experience, whilst she spends her time here at Goodman Masson...

Why gaining work experience is important?

I believe that it is vitally important that students gain as much work experience as possible as it is the best way to prepare them for the world of work. It gives these young people an opportunity to be part of a different environment and to learn what is expected from employees in the workplace from managers. By offering work experience it allows these students to make more informed choices about their future and allows them to develop skills that may be beneficial for them in future. By having the opportunity to gain work experience it allows the young people the chance to improve their communication skills. Another beneficial effect which makes it so important to gain experience is that it really improves the students CV allowing them to find future jobs easier.

Why companies should offer it?

Companies offering work experience are helping the future economy by helping young people to prepare for the working world and in their specific industry. Once a student has gained work experience within a certain industry, they are more likely to remain in that field as a result of the business offering them work experience. This will allow employers to have a lot more talent to choose from, which is a huge benefit for companies. Offering work experience can also benefit a business by being an opportunity to give the teams a chance to show any leadership qualities, allowing employees to also develop. It is also good branding for companies and means they can get additional help without having to pay the student. This will also promote workforce diversity.