Black Mirror Realities

10 months ago by Sophie Stones

Black Mirror Realities


Black Mirror, a show conceived by Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones, explores many themes, with a focus being on society. Its massive following was elated when Netflix announced season 5 would be hitting the screens later this year, however a concept picked up on by the producers themselves, we’ve been worrying about which events the infamously prophetic show will touch upon this time.

The show isn’t the first to prophesise the future, with the Simpsons showing Trump as President 16 years before reality hit in for America, Black Mirror is however the most consistent with their parallels and the similarities hit home much harder due to the darkly twisted themes the show explores.

Nose Dive

Exploring a world where the public ‘rate’ each other, with their ratings meaning they either suffer or sail through life, Nose Dive cut a little close to the bone with its viewers. Rating schemes in real life aren’t just reserved for Uber Drivers and their customers, in fact China have already implemented a system which, depending on your score either helps or hinder you getting your kids into top schools, get a loan or even manage to get a seat at your favourite restaurant. With officials saying the aim is to “establish and complete a social credit system, commend sincerity and punish insincerity”, China have made obedience to the state a game. Called Sesame Credit, the system can punish you with a low score for anything from sharing negative news about China to ‘showing you’re lazy’ by buying video games.

The Entire History of You

Based around the concept of a device which can play back our memories, The Entire History of You, hit upon a new technology that was only just in the pipeline. Kapture is a wearable recording device, which constantly records your audio in 60 second snippets which you can send to your phone with one button press. Although some of the reasons for the tech on their website seem reasonable, including capturing only the important parts of meetings or recording ideas without the hassle of carrying a pen and paper, they also reference recording a conversation with friends… which could cause havoc for our relationships.

Be Right Back

When a heartbroken wife loses her husband, she uses social media in order to create a copy of him, a copy which eventually ends up living with her. This might seem like the most far-fetched of Brookers ideas so far, however software which, although not quite as advanced, can emulate personalities does already exist. Eter9 is currently in the BETA stages, but you can already get to grips with the software, which gathers data about past posts and uses these to create social media content that sounds just like you. So if we start posting weird things on our Twitter account, give us the benefit of the doubt that we’re just trialling Eter9.

Fifteen Million Merits

Within Fifteen Million Merits, the concept of cycling to create energy and earn food, didn’t at first seem like such a bad idea. Using our own bodies as batteries is an idea that has been thrown about for a while now, however the team at Massachusetts University of Technology are only now working on a way to make it a reality. Their stamp-size charger uses the bending of our limbs in order to generate energy and has made great leaps from its inception. Only problem is, it needs to generate electricity 10 times more efficiently than its current capability, in order to be any use to us at all.