Recognising Individual Contributions

4 months ago by Sophie Stones

Recognising Individual Contributions


In London, it’s not just the workplace that is changing but also the way we work. While we spritz up our office spaces to encourage bonding, we’re also moving into a world of collaborative working. Structures like open-plan offices and chilled out conference rooms are there to make these group contributions run more smoothly, and whilst a company in which all ideas are valued, is proven to be more productive, there is one downside to flat-level business.

Although we may all have left school a long-time ago, it seems there’s one thing we never really grow out of. Being recognised for our individual contributions to a project, still ranks high up on our list of things that push us to work harder, and whilst group rewards become more prominent, these singular thanks are becoming something of the past.

Innocent, a company which ranks at 4.6 for company values on Glassdoor, have recognised this decline and whilst they place a lot of their efforts on creating an inclusive environment, with Friday beers and company parties, a lot of their benefits focus upon the individual.

Offering 3 £1000 scholarships each quarter, for a staff member to do something they dream of, they recognise that it’s not just the money that makes their employees day, but also the recognition that they’ve worked hard for the company. Something they further with their ‘Most Amazing Person of the Month’ award, an honour that is accompanied by a winning tiara or top hat and a trip to a fancy restaurant.

These treats, whilst they may cost the company money, actually pay off in the long-run, with staff member’s eager to make the cut next month and to work for a business that values them less as a number and more as an individual.

We can implement these concepts easily within our own company, starting on the first rung of the ladder with communication. Simply telling an employee they’ve done a great job ensures your employees see their work as integral to the day to day running’s of the business.

Making a world of difference to morale and costing absolutely nothing, it’s important that no matter how big the business our employees don’t feel like cogs in a machine, and compliments can achieve that.

Furthering these effects and integral to how we work here at Goodman Masson, ‘Month End’ drinks are accompanied by awards for those thriving in their sector. A chance to praise employees in front of their peers, the awards don’t just result in red faces, but also in harder work and higher staff morale.

Whilst we value our staff member’s as a group, and we all enjoy events in which we are all in attendance, the importance of recognising our individual grafters shouldn’t be left behind with the fax machines and office cubicles. And whether it’s giving them a crown or just simply a pat on the back, we’re all eager kids at heart, when it comes to praise.