Your Weekend, James' Got It Planned...

4 months ago by Sophie Stones

Your Weekend, James' Got It Planned...


Here at Goodman Masson, we know just how hard you work! So we wanted to share with you some great events that are happening in London this weekend. Check out our Executive Consultant, James', top picks for this week...

Coconut Funk

‘Friendly fruity LGBT+ Coconut House’, if your weekend doesn’t start with that tag line then is it really a weekend? Peckham’s Tola on Friday.

Sicily Fest

With that Friday night, you’ll want comfort food on Saturday and what better than Italian everywhere? SicilyFEST 2019 is hitting Brick lane for the weekend with 3 days of food, wine and live music from the Mediterranean. Probably the best of all cuisines, you’d be mad not to!

FA Cup

After eating all the cannoli’s on display, you should stick your feet up, so find a pub and watch the FA Cup Final. You don’t actually need a pub for this, just a TV. It’ll be more fun in a pub, so do that!

Dog Show

You heard it on the Dogvine, there’s a pooch festival on Sunday. 2019 is billed as BIGGER and BETTER then 2018! You could say that about anything however and 2018 might actually have been pawful. Primrose Hill is a beautiful spot though and there’s pop up food, music and even a bar - you’ll be smiling from ear Terrier.


Cheapest pints in London to round off your fruity, Italian, dog petting weekend. Entry is £1 on a Sunday night and it’s a great venue so check it out for a laugh.