Your Weekend, Nazariy's Got It Planned

7 months ago by Nazariy Krivosheia

Your Weekend, Nazariy's Got It Planned


Here at Goodman Masson, we know just how hard you work! So we wanted to share with you some great events that are happening in London this weekend. Check out our Consultant, Nazariy's, top picks for this week...

Flight Club

Flight Club in Shoreditch is really good fun. You can play darts with instant scoring which helps when you’re with a big group.


The website doesn’t look great, but this Japanese restaurant in Kings Cross do the best vegan sushi in London. It’s definitely one of my favourite restaurants.


If you like Ping-Pong, Bounce in Farringdon and Old Street is a great option, the table and balls are fluorescent which adds a fun dynamic to the game.


Dinerama in Shoreditch has nine bars set across two levels. There are loads of dishes, beers and cocktails to choose from.


Pergola in Paddington has a similar set-up to Dinerama, you can eat and drink there and they’ve recently transformed their outdoor area, so it’s definitely a good option for when the weather picks up.  


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