Podcasts for Your Commute

5 months ago by Sophie Stones

Podcasts for Your Commute


We’ve all seen people struggling to hold a book whilst crammed against ten strangers on the tube, maybe we’ve been that person who’s got one eye on a page and another on the child grabbing at their ankles, but there is an easier way to get some knowledge into our noggins during our commute time. There’s hundreds of podcasts out there to help you with everything from learning a new language to how to cook the perfect croque-en-bouche. We’ve compiled a list of ten of our favourites that will both inspire you at work and put you in the good mood that you need to get you through the day.

The Investors Podcast: We Study Billionaires 

The finance worlds answer to weekly gossip magazines. We Study Billionaires focuses on the lives of well-known cash hoarders such as Richard Branson and Paul Allen, from the advice they’ve given to other entrepreneurs to their favourite books. We Study Billionaires has been named the number 1 stock investing podcast by Google, iTunes and The Business Insider, so you might get something more than just a little bit of light relief on your way to work. 


Whilst you won’t get very much intellectually, Mortifieds brilliance lies in the way it highlights the similarities in all of us. Each week adults share the memories and stories they created as children, in the form of letters, diary entries and short stories. With special guests including Elijah Wood, Chvrches and The Cures Lol Tolhurst, Mortified will leave you howling with laughter and having your own mortifying story about the whole carriage staring at you.

The Infinite Monkey Cage 

Presented by Robin Ince and Brian Cox, The Infinite Monkey Cage is a candid look at the way the world works. Taking its name from the theorem that proposes an unlimited number of monkeys, if given typewriters, will eventually produce a particular text, or even the full works of Shakespeare, Monkey Cage focus on one theme per week. With the mix of academics and comedians on the show, the perfect split between intellect and humour makes this podcast a regular in the Itunes Top 10 Podcast download list.

Off Menu 

Get in the mood for lunch… or possibly regret your breakfast, as celebs and comedians share their perfect three-course meal with James Acaster and Ed Gamble. Set in their imaginary restaurant, where James, for reasons unknown to many, plays a genie, this podcast is more humorous than haute cuisine and features those whose meals sound delicious; think Tom Kerridge and Krishnan Guru Murphy, to those whose choices are more bizarre than the jokes; Joel Dommett and Lou Sanders.

No Such Thing as a Fish

Wow your co-workers with all of the useless trivia you’ll learn in this podcast. Running since 2014, the presenters, which include regulars Dan Schreiber and Anna Ptaszynski, have gained a cult following of 700,000 subscribers who tune in every week for their classic combination of humour and fun facts.