Your Weekend, Hamish's Got It Planned...

8 months ago by Hamish Harmer

Your Weekend, Hamish's Got It Planned...


Here at Goodman Masson, we know just how hard you work! So we wanted to share with you some great events that are happening in London this weekend. Check out our Manager, Hamish's, top picks for this week... 


If you are wanting to go to Clapham Common on Saturday or Sunday to SW4 you probably can’t as both days are sold out. If you are going then I will be there on the Saturday throwing some really gangly dance moves around the place. When the suns out it is a really fun day with a lot of different stages. It may not be Glasto but there is the silver lining of a shower before/after the day!

Tooting Bec Lido 

The largest freshwater swimming pool in the UK at 100 yards long. Now it is mid-August and the weather is good the temperature should be pleasant as it is not heated. It is £7 entry and has good chairs for lounging – I last went in May when the water was freezing and managed 3 lengths. At £2.33 a length it wasn’t worth it but a good spot for August.

Covent Garden Cool Down 

There is a 4 day Ice Cream Festival there. I used to work opposite Covent Garden for 5 years and it is a great spot for culture and nice bars/shops. Flat Iron is next to the square as well, who also give you free ice creams after your meal if you want to con the Ice Cream Festival going on over the road.

Stranger Pins 

This is a Stranger things themed night at Bloomsbury Lanes for £5 – Bowling with a twist and 80s tunes, sounds unmissable on the Saturday evening.

Nottinghill Carnival 

Sunday and Monday. Free to go and a big blast of culture and liveliness based around Caribbean Heritage. Great for Jerk Chicken, Reggae Music and a few cans of Red Stripes. Get the face paint and the colourful attire on and have a blast.