Your Weekend, Neil's Got It Planned...

8 months ago by Sophie Stones

Your Weekend, Neil's Got It Planned...


London cocktail week 

London Cocktail Week finishes this weekend. It’s the 10th Anniversary and over 300 bars are joining the celebration, so if you haven’t got a good amount of Old fashioned down your neck so far then this weekend is the time to change that! (other cocktails are available but why would you want anything else?) will give you a guide to the various places.


If you love all things dog-related, The Kennel Club's Discover Dogs is a must. It’s a good place to go if you are thinking of getting a dog and want to get a better understanding of breeds, characteristics etc. You can chat with owners and figure out what breed best suits you and your lifestyle. You can’t take them home but there is an area to chill out and pet dogs…so yeah, that is pretty great! ExCel, from £15, book ahead, 12-13 October  - If you do decide you want to get a dog, do think about rescue dogs, there are so many charities out there and loads of dogs that need a home.

Do some good AND get drunk? 

The Vagabond wine bar in Battersea is doing something pretty cool, it is running a charity swap shop, where you can swap your canned or dried food for a glass of wine on the house. Vagabond will be passing on the donated goods to local food banks.

Trapped in a room with a zombie 

I know I know, nothing more annoying than Halloween stuff really early. I totally agree. On the other hand, horror stuff is fun and laughing at strangers being scared is fun right? Escape rooms are running a special escape room where you have to work with your team to get out of the room, and every 5 minutes the zombie chained to the wall manages to move forward a little more.

The best thing to do 

This is one of my favourite things to do on the weekend. I can’t stress enough how great it is and it’s free! What you do is, you get up at whatever time you want (literally ANY TIME), head into your living room, flick on the tv, then lay on your sofa and just lay there. You can change it up of course by getting up to make food and get drinks, but make sure you return to the sofa with your treats and get comfy again.