Don't Give Up On Your Job Search Over Christmas

8 months ago by Sophie Stones

Don't Give Up On Your Job Search Over Christmas


The holiday season is upon us and as Christmas jumpers come out, often CVs are put back into drawers. Everyone deserves a break, however despite the general consensus, the Christmas period might not be the right time to do so when you’re looking for a new role.

Instead of another Lynx set, novelty socks or cheap perfume, why not get yourself a new role for Christmas? These are the reasons you might find it to be the most productive time of the year.

Get the jump on the competition

Do you want to be competing with all of the New Years resolution hunters in January, who might have given up on the gym by February but will be in a new shiny office by the time the confetti settles? Get the jump on them by applying for roles, whilst they’re still thinking about pigs in blankets.

Get better

Companies hiring over Christmas are more likely to devote the time and effort it needs to properly train a new member of staff. The lull in business during December is beneficial for you, as you will be fully prepared for the New Year rush.

Get savvy

Many teams will be looking to use their allotted yearly budget and avoid any cuts that could happen in the New Year, especially with the uncertainty of Brexit on the horizon. This means positions may be opening up that will disappear in the New Year, regardless of whether they’ve been filled or not. Don’t miss out on them.

Get the time you need

Hiring Managers are more likely to have time on their hands come the end of the year, giving them more time to really take in that cover letter you’ve been working on. Plus, a little Christmas cheer can’t hurt, so take advantage of that good mood.