Beat the January Blues

7 months ago by Sophie Stones

Beat the January Blues


With scientists claiming a third of Brits suffer with Seasonal Affective Disorder in January, falling victim to the blues this month wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for any of us. Which is why here at Goodman Masson we’ve come up with a few ways to keep you going until payday.

Gorge yourself

Throw that droopy salad you packed this morning out and order a takeaway to the office, or go to a warm and cosy pub for lunch. Putting some decent food into your belly is a sure-fire way to perk you up for the oncoming week. Check out BookaTable for deals that won’t make too much of a dent in your wallets.


Whether it’s watching your favourite Live at the Apollo showing for the 53rd time or going out to an open mic night and discovering new talent, cramming some comedy into your day will help to turn that frown upside down. If you’re based in London, head down to Bethnal Greens Backyard Bar, where, if the comedy doesn’t cheer you up, the range of games available will.

Kick social media to the curb

Take a day off from Facebook and Twitter and focus on yourself. Misery loves company and having other people’s grumbling statuses in your pocket won’t do anything for your morale. If possible why not go the extra mile and put your phone into airplane mode to really take yourself away.

Change your playlist

Turn off the Bon Iver and put on some James Brown. Upbeat music will help you to both elevate your mood and give you energy. Why not try a little bathroom boogie when you get into the office or go really wild and dance your way down the corridors.

Think about why you’re really blue

Finding yourself feeling like this on Monday every week regardless of the weather? Dreading the end of every weekend isn’t just something ‘everybody does’ and can be a sure sign that you’re dissatisfied with your job. If your current role is making you miserable, why not check out the positions we have available and see whether they have that extra something to put some punch into your day.