The Pressure To Be Productive During Isolation

4 months ago by Sophie Stones

The Pressure To Be Productive During Isolation


As coronavirus settles in to put us on a worldwide lockdown, advertisements for activities at home are rife, facebook quizzes fill our feeds and the pressure to be productive has become stifling for many.

Almost daily, celebrities tell us that they’re working on new projects, Evanna Lynch is writing a novel, Harry Styles is working on new music, and countless others are using their fancy at-home gyms to get even more banging bods.

But what about us normal folks? Should we be listening to the posts that tell us Shakespeare wrote King Lear during the plague and striving to emulate the baird? 

Already working from home, the majority of us are already being productive with our days, so going from mandated work to something you don't really want to do, all in the same house, is probably going to be a struggle. There are however, other ways to feel productive, even if it's not necessarily groundbreaking. 

A key factor is choosing something which is far removed from your everyday grind. If you are on the computer all day, then doing something physical such as painting will be the best thing for your mental wellbeing, whilst giving you the sense of achievement many people are currently craving. Similarly if your role requires you to be highly analytical, choosing a creative pasttime will break up the day. 

Whatever it is that you choose to do once the workday is over, whether that's striving to be the next picasso, or simply chatting with friends on Houseparty, it's important not to put too much pressure on yourself and to ensure that you are getting some joy out of what you do.