The Importance of Your Internal Brand

8 months ago by Sophie Stones

The Importance of Your Internal Brand


Like the teenage movie cliché who worries too much what the popular kids think, whilst ignoring those who actually matter, a mistake businesses often make is to focus solely on their external brand, ignoring what is going on internally.

Amazon, whose logo is literally a smile, have suffered huge knocks since it came out their employees were less than happy, whilst Fox Business recently exposed companies whose external brands are very strong but were left looking weak when their Glassdoor profile revealed their workplaces to be lacking. These revelations and consumer reactions to them prove we cannot afford to put internal brand on the back burner. Not only does a strong employer brand lead to 50% more qualified applicants but LinkedIn also found that those with a stronger brand than their competitors see a 43% decrease in the cost per candidate they hire. Furthermore, when those employees join the company they’re more likely to go after further training and opportunities within the business. Something Siemens found when they u-hauled their brand and began to showcase their culture.

Promoting their employees learning new skills opened up a conversation between employees and a newfound awareness of what was available led to more people reaching out for opportunities to grow. Richard Branson’s advice to “take care of your employees and they will take care of your business” doesn’t stop at the office, but can reach into the wider world also. Creating a company that your workers can be proud of will turn your employees into brand ambassadors and events and activities you put on will allow them to share their pride across social media channels. This free publicity is particularly important, as 79% of us use social media in our hunt for a job and are 70% more likely to trust what employees say about a company more than brand ads. At first met with confusion, businesses have been using their internal brand as their external brand for a while now, most successfully seen with GE’s ‘What’s the matter with Owen’ campaign.

Tackling a somewhat ‘stodgy’ image, with gentle mockery of the 126yr old company from friends and family who question why Owen would want to work there, the GE campaign went viral and was labelled one of the best commercials in 2015. Their desire to appear more up-to-date worked and they were able to showcase their value, not just to potential employees but to customers too. Employer brand shouldn’t be difficult, it should simply be based on what goes on behind closed company doors, with Rich Cordero, Senior Producer at SAAS, stating “it’s all about capturing the authenticity of the company culture.” If you can’t create an employer brand from things you already do, you need to ask yourself why and what you can be doing to tackle that. Contact us now to see how we can help you develop your internal brand into something your entire workforce can be proud of.