The 5 people you should be befriending in the office

over 2 years ago by Jessica Brown

The 5 people you should be befriending in the office


Whether you're starting a new role or wanting to expand your social circle further than your desk, we've compiled a list of five of the people you'll see hanging around the coffee machine that you should definitely make an effort to get to know.

The Gym Bunny

Hitting that mid-January slump? Spending more time at the pub than body pump? The gym bunny will drag you to the Boxing club at Lunch and ensure that rather than your usual mid-afternoon nap on an exercise mat, you actually give it your best shot. If you get sick of their constant pestering for you to join their army training group, simply throw a protein bar in the opposite direction and run, you'll even get in some cardio, which might appease them for a short while, once they've caught you up.

The Snack Bringer

When you're coming up to a deadline and have no time to run out for lunch, the office tuckshop is going to be your lifeline. Often this person is also super caring, so they're the perfect person to stroke your head when you've had a few too many jagerbombs the night before. Think of them as a mother hen desperate to feed their little chicks, but thankfully not in quite the same way.

The IT Guy

You'll be seeing this team much more than you would hope for and although it won't get less annoying that your computer is on the fritz again, making friends with the people who hold in their hands every email you've ever sent, will put your mind at ease.

What's more the IT guys are a breath of fresh air in a sea of suits and ties and if you ask nicely they might even download software onto your phone when your tech ability still only extends to a Sega Megadrive.

The Class Clown

Nothings more certain to brighten your day than that one girl whose weekend stories make you howl with laughter. Guaranteed to make you feel better for that time you fell headfirst into your boss, they're also the most likely to say yes to a cheeky mid-week beer, when the weekend feels like a lifetime away.

The PA

Been struggling to get that meeting with your boss for months now? Not when your best friend is their PA. Ever seen 'Love and Other Drugs'? Follow Jake Gyllenhaal's example and show your appreciation for all their hard work by bringing them the occasional box of chocolates or just popping by for a chat. They'll constantly be dealing with people wanting something from them however, so don't do it too often, or they'll catch on that you're just desperate to hear who's leading the race for Employee of the month.