My London Works: Join the movement

over 2 years ago by Jessica Brown

My London Works: Join the movement


Over the years we've won many awards for the way we treat our employees. However it isn't enough for just our employees to wake up happy, we want the whole of London to truly look at how they can make their workplace an exciting place to be. My London Works was born out of this desire.

A way for both employer and employee to work together, My London Works is the first of its kind. Part social network, part work guide, our new site is a one-stop-shop for transforming the modern workplace.

For too many people work is simply a paycheck. We're creating a following of people and companies who expect more.

By promoting the debate, by creating a platform to share ideas, by raising the expectations that we have of our employer and by asking our employers to find ways of making every possible improvement to looking after their people we hope this enables UK businesses to prosper.

We have an opportunity to make this happen and bring about change, to disrupt the status-quo and not accept the way things have always been done.

This is about action we can all take today to carve out a new future of the workplace.

If you are ready to re-imagine, re-think and influence what work could really be like, get involved by clicking the logo below...