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Data and Collaboration.

From people to programmes, our mission is to transform the experience of resource augmentation for our clients using data and collaboration.

Our starting point is to harness the power of data and talent analytics to scope skills in the market so as the solve the problem of generalist augmentation and provide the skills you asked for. Combined with our permanent, trained resource pool we are able to offer specificity, scale and value in a way not catered for within the traditional consulting market.

We craft our engagement models in collaboration with our clients so as to ensure they align with their organisational objectives.

We have a 20 year track record of building teams for financial services clients. We have built strategic resourcing partnerships with some of the biggest firms in the world. Including 62 of the FTSE 100.

Clients we’ve worked with

We make bespoke, tailored
consulting solutions. Really.

1. Analytics

Data forms the building blocks of our process.

Knowledge of the market and industry themes garnered through our talent analytics team facilitates an insight led solution.

We are then able to build our engagement model with you, informed by market data.

2. Experts

We are the experts in finding the skills our clients need. We partner with 62 of the FTSE 100 in developing a resourcing model that fits their requirements.

Our recruitment engine can ensure specificity, scale and speed of deployment.

3. Areas of Expertise

We believe our clients understand their own companies and requirements. Our job is to build an engagement model framed around them.


  • Client Lifecycle Management
  • Operations
  • Regulatory Solutions
  • Change Management
  • Accounting


  • Managed Services
  • RPO
  • Graduate Academy
  • Contingent Advisory
4. Resourcing Model

Our team draws upon a three pronged approach to deploy the skills required: our permanent resource pool across our core areas, our data led global recruitment engine and our trusted associate pool.

This combination facilitates the specificity and scale we provide.


Meet the team

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