About Us

We are not your typical recruitment firm.

Founded in 1993 by Paul Goodman, as a response to what he felt was a failing by the industry to put their people first, our principles and the way we work has remained the same.

​Goodman Masson might be the chosen Finance and Technology recruiter for many top companies, in London, Dusseldorf and most recently New York, but we are also so much more than that.

We feel privileged that we help companies grow by finding great people and helping others find new and exciting opportunities. Challenging conventional wisdom, we want to be known as the first recruitment company to help its clients keep their people by sharing our knowledge of the modern workplace.

Recognitions like our 5th consecutive year being voted ‘Best Company to work for’ help us to smash that goal again and again, proving that if we can do it here, we can do it anywhere.

As a response to this, for many of our clients we are asked to not just do their recruitment but advise on their working environment, employer brand and talent mapping, either for large transformation projects or in totality as an out-sourced solution. Our RPO business was set up exactly for this and has helped make many companies more compelling during the attraction of talent and more engaging as a working experience for the retention of talent.

And of course we remain true to our origins. Our recruiters know what they are doing and time and time again we believe show that they are unrivalled.

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Brand Film

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Welcome to our first in a series of workplace films. We aim to use video to inspire and challenge people to first think and then act differently in the workplace. The film is designed to give you a window into our thinking and view of the world.

In this first film, we ask you to think back to being a child and remember some of the dreams and aspirations we all held about our future. Sadly the workplace for too many has been a place where dreams are lost and not found. With 50% of people stating they are unhappy at work, we think it’s time for a change.  

We follow three characters whom all faced and overcame unique and different challenges in the workplace. If you are feeling inspired, join our movement...join us below.



​Paint a placard, march through the streets, get a tattoo, burn your socks, let's make a difference to London's workplace.

While some of the above might sound fun, the reality in the digital age is that being part of a progressive and positive movement for change is just a click away.

We have been campaigning hard for the last two years, to question, challenge, and inspire people and companies to think differently about the world of work and how people are looked after.

A creative team developed MyLondonWorks within Goodman Masson.

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The Experience™


The Experience™ was born around six years ago. At the time, most people would have called it an employee engagement strategy. (But oooh, language like that is so not us).

Back then it was a reality that The Experience™ was internally focused, known only to team members within the business. However, that was then.

Over these past years, The Experience™ has evolved, morphed and today is the very blueprint for how we do business. It defines the approach to how we look after our people better than any other. It provides a visual reminder for our brand and a focal point for our teams, partners and increasingly our customers.

The four pillars of The Experience™ have become some of the most potent drivers helping to increase profit, grow our business, attract and retain the right people and work with the best clients and candidates.

It's a wonderfully simple equation; provide the right tools + growth opportunities + professional development + support in an inspiring environment = happy team members.  

Today The Experience™ has become a centrepiece of everything we stand for, to find out more or to bring your version to life in your organisation, we’d love to help….