Salary Guides

salary guide 2020


Goodman Masson's Salary Guide 2020 can be downloaded here.

Our Salary Guide includes an overview, outlook and detailed salary breakdown on all of the areas that we cover across finance, actuarial, taxation, treasury, compliance, housing development and technology.

We hope that the salary information and market updates helps support your career decision making.

banking salary and bonus guide 2019


Goodman Masson's Banking Salary and Bonus Guide 2019 can be downloaded here.

Our Banking Bonus Guide covers all banking areas and offers an overview, outlook and detailed salary breakdown. During the time that bonuses were released this year we sent out a Bonus Survey to all our banking candidates. We received an excellent response, and our findings can be found at the end of the guide; it has provided a valuable insight into both fixed and variable pay, and employee satisfaction levels.