Why Work With Us

The new world of work

We remain fascinated by the modern workplace and are committed to workplace change. The Experience® is a modern revolution for the way we live and work today, something we believe applies to any work environment. It is undoubtedly the reason behind our growth story.

By sharing The Experience® with the outside world, it is an ambition we would like to make a reality.

Don’t just hire the best, retain the best.

It’s a novel idea, we know, but we want to be the first recruitment company to not merely help you find new employees but to help you retain your best ones.  

Read more about The Experience here.


In a marketplace where employees can decide with their feet, holding on to your best people has become one of the most important strategies for any successful business.  

We can guide you through a process, look at hiring, retention, and reward strategies to ensure you don’t lose your best people. The essence of The Experience™ does just this, and we will show you how.

We can of course, help you find the best new employees too, but why not start with retaining your best, drop us a message to retainthebest@goodmanmasson.com    


Talent retention

Whether a candidate or customer, a partner, or even a competitor, you are equally important to us and whenever you see, hear or speak with us; the reality is the experience should be the same.

Whether you are looking to grow your team, or make a directional change in your life, you need a business with whom you can connect.

We love what we do and have been re-imagining recruitment for the past 25 years. We are changemakers, we’ve crafted a #movement for the new workplace and want to bring as many people on that same journey.

Everyone should go to work happy; we believe in a day when an entire workforce is more engaged, more productive and living better lives as a result.  What's there not to like about that?

Our approach touches the lives of our employees, helps keep customers coming back, and candidates feel like we really care.

Technology Innovation

There can be no arguing, for good and bad, technology is now a dominating part of all of our lives. We are keen to seek out, support and promote the most promising #recruittech businesses around the world.


We will soon launch a development fund to help businesses grow and even an accelerator programme for companies looking to bring new technology ideas to the recruitment sector.

If you want to submit a business idea, talk to us about getting financial support, mentoring and business guidance, simply send an email to guy.hayward@goodmanmasson.com and answer this simple question in less than 200 words: The recruitment industry is ready for change because….