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Building Balance

Welcome to Building Balance, a network and mentoring scheme which focusses on addressing the gender imbalance across the development industry. We want to see a better gender balance at more senior levels in the development industry. We believe that the best way to achieve this is by bringing together those in senior-level positions with those at a junior level, with the aim of developing a pipeline of women with a pathway to senior-level roles.

Building Balance will provide a mentoring scheme, by aligning senior professionals with aspiring junior women in development, whilst also providing a platform to share stories of success.

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Over the past few months, Goodman Masson has been sharing industry-specific gender research with senior women in the industry, which has led to discussions about what these gender insights mean for the industry and the best method of improving this imbalance. This has led the creation of our mentoring network which we believe is a fantastic platform to share and support others within the industry.


Aims of this programme

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  • To create a supportive network of women within the development industry to share stories of success, seek guidance and grow their network with other like-minded professionals across the sectors
  • To publicise events, articles and good news from across the sector and to help set up more junior professionals in their career journey, through knowledge and story sharing from professionals that have walked the path previously

How this will work?

  • Building Balance will provide networking opportunities so that women can learn from other women at middle and senior management levels
  • We will facilitate practical mentoring sessions throughout the year
  • We will ensure that mentor and mentee pairings are best matched, carefully coordinating mentor experience with mentee’s aims and objectives to ensure the best outcomes of this programme 
  • This group will provide a platform in which young women can make their voices heard
  • We will provide current and relevant content, including webinars and blogs, with the aim of showcasing relatable success stories from leaders in the industry

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