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Goodman Masson has won 40 major honours in the last 7 years. We win awards for 3 things being; brilliant at recruitment, the way we use marketing and the way in which we treat our people.

This unique blend of expertise means we have an offering no one else can match. Find, Inspire and Keep.

In the olden days recruitment companies made their money by identifying candidates through the use of a phone and referrals. Modern sourcing means we have the tools to map the entirety of any market, then using a comprehensive range of social channels, job boards, databases (and some clever tech and methods we have developed inhouse) we are able to reach out and engage the best talent in the market.  

Employer Brands are about understanding what your organisation stands for, and then communicating that clearly and simply to the world. Either supporting your existing marketing team, or using our inhouse team to create and take your brand to market as an employer. Using your website, social media and our old friend the phone, we will take your brand as an employer to the market.

Retaining great people once you have hired them is about creating an environment people want to be part of and do not want to leave. Having won the awards we have won, including The Best Place to Work Award, we are uniquely placed to consult and create something special for your organisation. Rome was not built in a day, but we can help advise in the steps that could be taken to change your business into an employer of choice. 

Case Studies

Housing Association


We are currently working with a Peterborough-based client, to manage all of their recruitment. The housing association have 350 employees and growing everyday.

Since starting work with them in April 2018, we now have a two-person on-site recruitment team who manage the entire recruitment process from job spec design and approval to onboarding.

We have built the client both an internal and external employer brand to help attract and retain the best talent.

Financial Services Consultancy


We have been working with a financial services company based in London for the last 6 years. Within the London office, there is a dedicated onsite Recruitment Manager, who has the sole focus of managing the international recruitment functions for the business.

The recruitment process across all locations involves a series of candidate acquisition methods, including a database of candidates, dedicated social media pages on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, a microsite for their graduate academy, job boards, referrals and marketing tools such as brochures and events.

Charity organisation


We recently engaged with a Not-for-Profit organisation relocating from London to Peterborough and provided them with a dedicated Recruitment Manager for the project.

Throughout, we supported their diversity objectives of encouraging and presenting candidates who were deaf. To do this, we built a bespoke microsite tailored to be inclusive for deaf candidates.

This was completed using guidance from the Disability Confident scheme to ensure the recruitment process remained as accessible for disabled candidates as possible.

our story

The world of work has changed, as has the ways in which companies need to source and attract talent and create a brand known for looking after their people. We love how we are able to sit at the centre of this change.

People have choice. They want more from their working experience and will work for organisations where they are looked after, where their careers can flourish and in an environment that inspires. Companies that understand this and have a deep commitment to modernising their workplace will be rewarded by hiring the very best…and understanding this is the origin of building an employer brand.

And identifying where your potential talent pool exists enables businesses to celebrate their employer brand…this is the modern way of attracting talent. 

We understand that recruitment has changed and it is the reason we are helping organisations modernise and change how they find and look after their people.

Our primary objective is to help. To help organisations understand the size of the candidate pool available to them and then help attract and pipeline the best talent. Those who embrace the opportunity to invest time identifying the talent that exists will be the organisations that leave others behind.

It’s unusual (and most probably a first) for a recruitment firm, but one of our strategic objectives is to help our clients keep their people. Our unique experience, reputation and pedigree in understanding what a unique working experience looks like helps businesses create and develop an employer brand known for looking after your people.

In today’s world…so very important.

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