The Experience®. It’s
the way we live and work

Multi-award winning and trademarked. It is our employer brand.

The centrepiece of everything we stand for with five central pillars that are based around WORK, GROW, REWARD, CONNECT, supported by one simple commitment from our people…that we give 100% all of the time. And it has made us who we are today.

It is our commitment to modernising the workplace and ensuring that work is a place that inspires, engages, challenges, excites and is fun…the perfect blend for rigorous business performance.

The five central
pillars explained


Feeling lost at work? Lacking the right tools and infrastructure to be successful?

The Work pillar explained…

Our promise to provide our people with the right tools and infrastructure that offers the best possible chance of performing.

In the modern world of work that means complete freedom to come and go…with agile and flexible working supported by a world class set up to work in the office, from home or your local coffee shop…the cloud, a laptop to plug in anywhere and a phone system to stay connected.

Office space that doesn’t feel like an office…open, light, modern and refreshing.


A world where your career is being managed and you receive inspiring coaching from your manager.

The Grow pillar explained…

Our promise that your career is a journey of progression and success…where learning and development is continual and allows you to seek and take opportunities.

Learning is being part of your working experience, progress to higher states of achievement and your personal and professional ambitions fulfilled. Career road mapping as part of your working routine, openness and encouragement for internal mobility, promotion criteria for clear line of sight, a sophisticated mentor programme and endless opportunities for learning new skills in our ‘There is more to life than work®’ programme.


Where work means more than a great salary. A wide range of benefits whether you want to become a parent, or go on holiday…

The Reward pillar explained…

Our promise that performance is rewarded like few others. A commitment to maintaining a top decile bonus scheme designed to support any financial ambitions. Our flexible benefits package, The Benefits Boutique®, was created by considering the modern day challenges our people face and linked to their lifestyle and wellbeing such as buying a house, becoming first time parents or financing long distance holidays. Our benefits reflect these challenges.

Mortgage Fund Knowledge Fund Student Loan Fund Home Improvement Loan Exotic Holiday Fund New Parent Loan


A free daily breakfast, weekly massages, your birthday off, an annual subsidised ski trip, and our famous chill out room.

The Connect pillar explained…

A promise to create an environment that people want to be part of and don’t want to leave.

Email is an outdated internal communications system replaced with a social media platform for fast real time sharing of data and messages…our mobile app is the backbone to our internal communication strategy.

We hold dear the belief that we can be so wonderfully creative in the ‘stuff’ we do in the office that it should become an extension to how we live our lives…variety, flexibility, wellbeing and fun all in the right places and in the right balance. There really should be no boundaries to what we can provide our people and how we celebrate achievement.

The 5th Pillar

Called The 5th Pillar and arguably the most important! And this is your unwavering commitment to The Experience…100% all of the time.

The 5th Pillar explained...

Called The 5th Pillar and arguably the most important! And this is your unwavering commitment to The Experience…100% all of the time.

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A few awards we’ve won

RITAs 2020 Winner logo final
Recruiter official logos 2019_Sponsor-v5_winner
Employee benefits
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Personnel today award

Our Mentor Programme

We are extremely proud of the mentor scheme that we run here at Goodman Masson. We currently have 53 mentor partnerships active across the business.

We run an internal initiative called ‘Match Your Mentor’ and everyone is encouraged to get involved! Our fabulous Learning and Development Team will find the perfect Mentor and Mentee match to make sure our people are partnered up with the right person to help grow their career!

Integral to the development of our people

The role the L&D team plays has become integral to the development of our people and support to our management team. It’s hard to think of life without them.

Our approach is to create and deliver innovative tiered programmes to support organisational growth and individual development…through a mix of classroom delivery from trainers, webinars with subject matter experts, experiential learning, tailored 121 coaching plans and self-learning opportunities. Everyone in the business has access to a way of development that suits them.

  • Sales Academy : For our new starters joining without previous recruitment experience
  • Building Your Business : For Consultants with 1-3 years’ experience
  • Optimising Your Business : For senior consultants designed to take their desk ‘to the next level’
  • Stepping Up : For Executive Consultants and Managers
  • Leadership (Good to Great) : For Managers and Directors
  • Lunch & Learn : An interactive webinar open to all employees within the business

Challenging conventional wisdom on the modern workplace

We work hard to make sure we recognise success across the business. We run many different award initiatives throughout the year, making them as creative as we can!

  • Top Performers Quarterly Lunch at Michelin Star Restaurant
  • Month End Awards
  • Summer of Golden Tickets
  • Christmas Advent Calendar Prizes
  • End of Year Awards Ceremony
  • Champagne Friday

An average day in the office

The Experience™ is the framework through which we invest our energies in building a working experience that allows freedom, opportunity and creativity, and one where our people are given the infrastructure to professionally develop and can enjoy what they do.

A big part of this is our working environment. Here is what you can expect from an average day at Goodman Masson.

  • The Chill Out Zone
  • 3:30pm finish on a Friday
  • Weekly Massage
  • Health Workshops
  • The Barber
  • Beauty Treatments
  • Sports Clubs
  • Theatre Trips
  • Free Breakfast
  • Champagne Friday
  • Month End Winners Celebration
  • Summer Party
  • Christmas Party
  • The Annual Ski Trip
  • The Annual Charity Challenge

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