By Goodman Masson RPO Team

Relationship Start Date: November 2022

Business Size: 135 people

As a privately-owned London based fast growing Telecommunications service provider, the organisation connects some of the biggest, most challenging wireless environments in the UK, including several central London boroughs and 2000+ buildings.

Our on-site team partners with HR and Hiring Managers to run a full RPO solution.  The team run the full ecosystem of recruitment from vacancy sign-off, mapping and headhunting of candidates, widely advertising through to onboarding compliance.

In the last 12 months, we have placed over 25 people across all Head Office Specialisms, streamlined their onboarding process, completed an employer branding and social media consultation, provided company-wide salary benchmarking data, implemented a new employee compliance, RTW and DBS process and redefined role profiles across multiple divisions.